Monday, June 1, 2009



We had another WONDERFUL weekend! Spent the most of Saturday up at the Burt's and DANG IT!-I forgot my camera! We took 3 HUGE logs up to their sawmill to be cut into 2x4's and 2x8's to get started on the cover at the beach. We started out the day with a ride down to the River and checked out the new cedar ceiling in the cabin-just beautiful!! We sat on the porch for awhile and just watch the river float by-and a few boats passing by. Then Alfred and Jeff got to work on the logs-and of course-Sheila and I supervised-Hey-we're good at it! Check out her blog-Just the Burt's- for the pics she took!

Yesterday I put up 16 pints of pickles! Some of the cukes came from my garden-but most from Alfred and Sheila's. They sent us home with cukes,new potatoes,yellow and zuchini squash! I've put up 5 quarts of squash this week with lots more to go!

We had a visit from another coon last night-or early this morning, I should say. We had a dead hen last week-but I have several old ones-soo. But I heard them this morning-and Jeff got up and there was a BIG coon in the pen and 1 more dead hen :( He got 2 shots off-but said it got away! I'll check around after daylight and see.

We have a short work week-Thursday is only a half day for me and we both have Doc appts on Friday morning-Jeff's is for blood pressure and I've been suffering from just TOO many headaches in the last few weeks! Jeff's job is just hanging on by a thread right now-they layed 10 more off last Friday. And his back is REALLY giving him a fit this weekend-Probablly the worst I've seen him in awhile-I just hate it when I can't make things easier for him! We'll leave for the beach as soon as we get back home from the Doc on Friday-maybe (?) he'll relax and take it easy! Have a great week!!!

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