Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Well, not much to report here! Jeff & I spent the first of the week just hanging out-not doing much. The doe and 2 yearlings continue to show up almost nightly in the front pasture. They had a birthday party at Curtis,Jr.'s last night-so nothing other than the rabbits on the camera last night. Randy & Ricky got alot of firewood stacked for us while we were at the beach-we left Thursday evening-took the tractor-and went to the beach. It was really wet-so we didn't get much work done. Didn't even fish! :( We came on home yesterday morning. We have all the paperwork in to apply for the disabilty insurance and had a call from the Social Security Office in Conroe-so Jeff will have to call them on Monday.
We have a cold front headed our way that is supposed to drop quite a bit of rain over the next few days-temps might get to 50 here tomorrow-And today we have the doors open and it should reach 76-Good ole Texas weather! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eventful Week!

Jordan had a busy week! It started with a trip to the ER on Sunday night-A BIG cousin was playing a little too rough with him-as nearly everyone does-he's SO tough-and he ended up hitting his head on the coffee table-no stitches-only super glue. Then yesterday he lost his first tooth! and the one next to it is loose, too! He hasn't been over yet this morning to let us know about the tooth fairy!

I didn't realize that a whole week had passed again! Alot has happened around here this week! Jeff wasn't able to stay at work for more than 4 hours on Monday due to the pain in his back. He came home and called the Doc-who wanted him to come into the office in Houston on Tuesday morning for x-rays. After the x-rays-the Doc has taken him off work intil Dec. 16th and told him to go ahead and start filing for his Social Security Disabilty benefits. He said he wouldn't be able to work anywhere-and no lifting or bending! So---We spent nearly 8 hours filling out all the forms and getting them submitted. He has had to get in touch with finance companies to see what to do about the disabilty insurance that we had purchased on those loans.

Anyway-Jeff has had a time trying to stay away from doing any kind of work! He is not one to just sit around doing nothing. I am now off for Thanksgiving week and will go back to work on the 30th. We plan to go down to the beach on Thursday afternoon and spend the rest of the week down there. We went into Conroe yesterday and nearly got all the Christmas shopping done-YEAH! Just a few more things to pick up-it'll be a slim one around here this year-Jeff will be getting a very small paycheck from now on!

We had rain yesterday-but the sun is shining now! And the hot tub is WONDERFUL now! It was nearly 50 degrees warmer in it than the outside air the other night when we got in. I'm sure it'll be used sometime today as well! What a great way to relax!!

The garden is finally picking up a little-I can find beets, some snow peas and carrots, and lots of lettuce. We haven't put the top on the greenhouse yet-but other than a stray cucumber and some stuggling tomatoes-there's not anything in there.

Well, Jordan just came over with the $5 the tooth fairy left him! Needless to say-he's excited! They're eating pancakes now-a Sunday morning tradition-Grandpa fixes pancakes for breakfast!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


These 2 does showed up Wednesday night-and ate ALL the corn!
And this buck showed up around 7:30 Friday night-he didn't stay around as long as the does did! He's not the one we got pics of earlier-this one appears to be a 6 point!
We spent nearly the whole day yesterday looking for the parts for the hot tub! The new pump and heater came in on Thursday-but all the fittings were wrong. We finally found a place in the Woodlands that got us all fixed up! Jeff and Randy got it all set up and going again-the water was 66 degrees! This morning it was up to 84 degrees-so if it's not raining this evening-we might get in it tonight for the first time in over a month!
The garden seems to be picking up ever so slightly! I have 2 squash that finally came up and lots of lettuce-a few of the snow peas are appearing. We only got the 1 litter of bunnies-so I'll have to rebreed the doe who didn't kindle.
Well-only 5 days this week and then we have our week off! I'm looking foward to getting a few things done here in the house the first day or 2. We'll go down to the beach on Thanksgiving afternoon or early Friday morning. We are gonna take the tractor and get some dirt work taken care of and Duane needs to use it some, too.
We have a pretty strong cool front headed our way-it won't get out of the low 60's for the next couple of days-it was 80 yesterday and will be today again. We have leaves all over the ground-I was just looking around last weekend and thinking that they hadn't started falling yet-what a difference a week can make!
I hear a hen cackling-must have an egg! Have a great week!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


One of the does had 7 babies! The other is the larger of the 2 and she did pull hair-but no babies yet! I put the 3rd one back in with the buck yesterday-so another litter is due Dec. 12th. The garden just will not grow-I don't know what's up with it! By this time every year I usually have beautiful brocolli coming on and it looks awful this year! The cabbage has not grown at all since I planted it. The beet seeds have come up and are the only thing that looks like it might do something!
The new pump and heater for the hot tub are due here today! They went out a few weeks ago and Jeff has been trying to get them to work-he had a spare set a guy at work had given him-piecing the 2 sets together. Then the light bill came in -YIKES!! Our usuage had more than doubled!! And everytime we turned it on the light meter just spinned like crazy! So we broke down and ordered a new set. Hopefully this one will get nice and warm-not just tolerable. And not make the bill go up so much!!
Still no word from Jeff's Dr. He actually is at a conference and will not be available until Monday. So he has to wait til then to see what's gonna be done. Jeff said yesterday he would have come home if he could have afforded to-he was hurting that bad! We just don't know what's gonna happen with his back!
I ate Thanksgiving lunch with Hailey at school yesterday. GOOD! We are all waiting for the end of next week-we'll be off the whole week for Thanksgiving! Then back to school for 3 weeks-then off for 2 for the Christmas break. It just doesn't seem like we are that close to Christmas!! I really haven't done any shopping at all! Better get busy!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Way Too Much Time!

We made a quick trip to the beach on Saturday-just to check things out-We had a beautiful hibiscus bloom!

Yes, I let too much time slip by between postings.It's not that we've been that busy-just different things out of the ordinary going on! Halloween saw only 4 of our grandkids trick-or-treating. We've been working on gathering up firewood-we've had a few cool mornings-enough to light a few fires in the heater-just to take the chill off!

Jeff went to the back Dr on Wednesday and hopefully finally got through to him! He put him off work until yesterday. So he did NOTHING for 4 days-boy was it hard for him! He just is not used to doing nothing! But he did a really good job of trying! But when he got back to work yesterday-he found out that since he was only off 2 days-work comp wouldn't pay him for those 2 days-he has to be off over 8 to get paid. We are still waiting on the new Dr. for his evaluation appointment. His Dr has ordered new x-rays-he has had no tests run in over a year. He had a really bad night last night-the only thing we can figure out is the fact that he went to work yesterday after being out for a few days.

The sow has come back into heat-so something is up with her-Jeff says she'll be sausage! We'll probably go ahead and sell the boar. We are also considering taking the cows to auction. Feed has gotten SO expensive and with Jeff's work pattern possibly changing-we are going to have to make some drastic changes. I have already sold all but 4 of my rabbits-I have 2 litters due today-and we have all the chickens-they have started laying again-a little! And with the time change-it is so hard to get out and get anything done before dark!

Well-better go and get ready for work! Have a great day! :)