Saturday, June 27, 2009

We've got a CALF!!

Not a good picture-I'll get better ones later! He doesn't have a name yet, either!

He was born around 6:30 last night! Rainbow put herself into the barn-so we watched her pretty closely. We came into the house and I went back out about 30 minutes later and she already had him. He is so shiny black with curls on his head! SO cute!! I'll get better pics later-they didn't come out good in the barn!

Shorty is on his way over this morning-Mom is in the hospital in Conroe. She had a slight heartattack yesterday-and the Doc is saying she will have to have by-pass surgury! We're going to the hospital shortly and see what's going on!!! I really don't have any details yet-gotta find out what's goin' on with my MOM!! Her last heart check-up was fine-so this really doesn't make any since!

Gotta go get ready-will post more info when I get it! Keep her in your prayers! Have a great day and stay COOL!!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Congrats on the cute calf!!!
I hope your mom is ok.

YeagerFarm said...

Thanks! And she is doing better! Hopefully she comes home today!!! Love your pics of the farm!!