Tuesday, March 31, 2009


MeMe and Kaytlynn planting Burgandy green beans!

Hailey with the carrot harvest!

The camper in place at the beach-FINALLY!!!

I CANNOT believe that this much time has gone by without me blogging!!!I have been SOOO busy and with working on computers all day @ work-I really don't want to or have time-to get on it in the afternoons!

Well LOTS has been going on around here lately! We finally found us a camper-and made some new friends in the process! Thanks Pat and Joe for everything! We took the camper down to the beach and were able to spend all of Spring Break there. The weather was wonderful-except for the day we pulled in and that night. We worked WAY too hard for what was supposed to be a week's vacation-but we are able now to get back to our little bit of paradise!!

The farm is doing well. We have 6 pigs left-they were weaned and wormed on Saturday. I have baby bunnies coming out my ears!!! Anybody looking to buy an Easter Bunny? I have some REALLY cute ones!! I'm planning to sit on the side of the road close to Conroe Saturday morning and try to sell them-probably close to 20 of 'em!

We've been busy working on the garden the last few days. Been eating lettuce for weeks now-it's SO good. It will keep in the frig for so much longer than the store bought stuff without wilting! Jeff & Hailey pulled the carrots the other day-got about 2 lbs or more. I was surprised-I cooked some the next night for supper-SO good! I put 2 packages in the freezer for later. We have planted green beans, lots of tomatoes, peppers(bell, salsa, and jalapenos!), cukes, squash and onions. Still have a few things left to put in.

Guess I'll go for now-I'll try harder to keep up!! Have a great day!