Monday, February 9, 2009

WOrk,Work, Work

I think I'm getting the hang of this 5 day a week thing!! But it was a pretty hectic week at home last week and I just didn't get around to posting! With the new pigs-we have only 6 left-but they are very healthy!- and all the visitors we had to see them and all the sick family-Alana has now been sick with this flu stuff for over a week-Jordan had it for 2 days-Ricky stayed home from work most of the week sick,too. Jeff had to work Saturday again and we had to run to Conroe that evening to pick up my new glasses. Yesterday we went and bought 4 rolls of hay from a guy that lives not too far from us that has rescued horses. Some were just beautiful!! But such sad stories!! Later we went up to the Burt's and saw the room they are working on for their oldest son, Travis. Then we rode down to the river on the 4-wheeler where another son-Jeremy-was fishing. We stayed down on the river for awhile-it's ALWAYS so peaceful down there! All in all -a great weekend! Oh-and I got some work done in the garden Saturday morning-one of the beds finished-mixed lettuce and spinich planted and finally got those red onions in the ground. Our weather is supposed to be warm this week with small chances of rain-we really need it! And the search for a camper is still on!! We really are ready to get back down to the beach!! Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Pigs are Here!!!

Jeff, Randy, Hailey, Cayden, Kaytlynn, and Mady in with the baby pigs.

They FINALLY arrived sometime before 3:30am this morning- in of course-30 degrees and frost on the ground. She had a total of 12-but 4 are dead :( The remaining 8 are just SO cute. Sorry for the double picture posting AGAIN! We are having some computer glitches!