Monday, June 8, 2009


Dusty and Cayden with one of the sharks that Tom caught.
Randy and his shark-tickling him!!

We had another WONDERUL weekend at the beach! Two of Jeff's brothers-the twins-and sons came down on Friday morning. They set up on the beach and started fishing. They caught many small sharks over the weekend. David caught a 3 1/2 foot one on Friday. All the rest were small ones. Julie, Randy and the girls came down on Saturday and enjoyed a sunny day. Randy caught his first shark, too. He had seen on TV that if you rubbed their bellies, they would just lay in your hand-SO of course, he had to try! And it worked!! The shark just layed in his hand for almost a minute-then rolled over and swam off!

Our Doc visits went well. I'm waiting on the Doc to call me back with results of the x-rays and blood work he ordered. He seems to think there is a separation and infection in my heel that is causing my ankle to stay swollen and hurt. Guess we'll see!

The garden is coming along-we did have 1 almost ripe tomato when we got home. I need to pick the beans again this afternoon and will have to run the sprinkler this evening, too. We have NO chance of rain this week and some of the hottest temps this summer.

Still watching the cows-it could be any time now. I thought I saw a calf when we got home yesterday-but it was only a shadow under the trees. Jeff butchered 2 more rabbits-didn't get finished-we had some friends stop by and stay for awhile.

This is my first day of working 10 hour days. I won't get home til 5:30 this afternoon-YUCK! But I only do it for 11 days-unless they need me for more! I have plenty to keep me busy at work-so I know it'll go by fast!

Have a great week!!

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Sheila said...

Tell Randy that's EXACTLY how I look when someone rubs my belly!!! Too funny!