Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh-MY-GOSH-Is it hot or WHAT???? I went outside at noon today and it was already 95 degrees-in the shade on the back porch! The animals are just miserable! I went out and just sprayed water on the pigs earlier-made them all a mud puddle to get in and cool off! Boy did I make them happy! The pasture is nothing but crunchy dead grass and the garden is about done for. I'm still getting a few tomatoes-Oh-I made picante yesterday-It came out pretty good! Still waiting on calves and the eggs should hatch next Monday that the hen is sitting on. It is supposed to be 104 degrees this afternoon and Alana came over this morning and said their a/c went out over night. Jeff will look at it this afternoon when he gets home-If it can't be fixed-then we'll have to go into Wal-Mart and try to get another one. I'm really glad we went ahead and bought hay last week-If it doesn't rain soon-and there is NO chance of it anytime soon-there isn't going to be any to be found this year! We let the cows into the yard the other evening and let them be the lawnmowers-let the chickens out, too, and just set out in the yard and watched them-to keep the cows from eating the tomatoes off the garden fence and from any stray dogs from eating the chickens! They all seemed to enjoy the treat.
We were planning to go to the beach this weekend and work on the shed-but it's just too hot. We decided that since next weekend is a long one 'cause of the 4th-we'll wait and go down then. Maybe it'll cool off some by then-but it doesn't look too hopeful right now! Stay cool!!

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