Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, the first ones finally got ripe! They are a little small-but I'm sure we will enjoy them! There are LOTS of 'em hanging out in the garden-so it won't be long and the kitchen will smell of picante sauce!--Instead of pickle juice! We pulled the garlic and the first of the onions we planted on Monday evening-only have the red onions left.

The cows are looking like they are about to bust! Rainbow was acting a little off yesterday-so I wouldn't be surprised to see a calf this afternoon! I know-I'm just rushing her. Did I say that I just LOVE baby calves???

Today is my last day to work this week-then only Mondays and Tuesdays through the first week of July. Looking foward to getting some things caught up on around here! Have a great day!

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