Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Harvest

I have decided to start a running tally of everything we harvest here in a year-Thanks, Ang!-Wonderful idea! I always write most of it down on my kitchen calendar-My friend, Sheila, is always on the lookout for ones with LOTS of space on them for me! I'd be lost without it-as I write everything down on it. I even use it to do my income taxes at the end of the year! It lists breeding dates-and dates due, Doc Office visits, other important stuff I need to keep up with. But the other day, we were needing to know about when the cows had been bred. The time had past that they had been bred by our bull-so what was the latest date they are due this year? They are getting rolling fat-so I went to last years calendar to see when we had brought them back home-and it wasn't on my calendar! I couldn't believe I hadn't written it down! Then I thought-MY BLOG! And sure enough, it was here! So, we now know that the cows are due sometime between now and July 13th. YEAH!!! I just LOVE baby calves! But I know my egg count is WAY off-but I'll try to keep up with it.
Jeff and the coon are in a battle of the smartest! If you've never had the pleasure(?) of dealing with one-you're lucky! Seems this one likes Jeff's homemade breads! The one he caught last week was caught with a piece of cornbread. Jeff made bisquits to go with the eggs we had for supper the other night and seems that this big coon likes them very much! He set the trap night before last in the garden against the chicken pen and the coon just reached in and ate the bisquit. Last night he moved the trap into the feed shed and fixed it where he couldn't reach in-so the coon just moved the cage around til he could reach it! And tore a big hole in a bag of corn and Range Cubes! SO-the war is on!
I made 8 more pints of pickles yesterday and put another couple of handfuls of green beans in the freezer-almost have enough for a canner full. One of the cherry tomatoes is turning red-probably be ready this afternoon. I have lots of green ones-some are getting really BIG!
We have Doc appts in the morning-then off to the beach for the weekend. It's supposed to be a fishing weekend for 2 of Jeff's brothers and each of their boys. But seems like there might be quite a few others by the time the weekend is up-Julie is planning on coming up on Saturday, too. And we never know who will just drop by-We love it!
We had a wonderful rain shower yesterday! It rained GOOD for over an hour. I told Jeff I could almost hear the grass starting to grow again-It was really getting dry here!
Have a great weekend!

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