Monday, August 22, 2011

Long time-No Blogin'

First day of School-2011! They were all ready to go-it was Mady's first day of Pre-K. But she cried and really was upset when Julie tried to leave-apparently she was under the impression that Mom gets to stay all day too-Rude awakening! Hailey had Drill Team practice-so Julie had to go pick her up at school-so I haven't had the chance to see any of them. Jordan did come over and said he had a really good day. Alana said Kaytlynn was totally droopy when she got off the bus-at 5:00-she went straight into the AC and onto the couch-she's out like a light! Hopefully the bus ride will get shorter-the usually get off around 4:30-but the bus driver told Alana he has 19 more kids on his bus route this year!

Not much has been going on around here-the biggest reason I haven't blogged in awhile. The hot temps-over 100 degrees everyday-and NO rain! We are still watering the yard in spots and some of the garden-we have jalapeno peppers and a few tomato plants have survived and are still blooming. Sugar never did have her calf-one day she just didn't look bred anymore-but no signs of having a calf-so we don't know if it was a false one or not. But she wasn't bred when we brought her home-so any calf she might have now will be Fozzie's. We had 2 chicks hatch off under a hen-so cute! The turkeys and guinnies are due to hatch next Monday-we'll see!

We were lucky enough to get a camp site back at Crystal Beach for Labor Day weekend! They had a cancelation and called Jeff to see if we wanted the site-you bet! It'll be a great get away!

My boss had to have her shoulder operated on the other day-so we are starting the school year without her-it's been a little hectic at times-but we're getting through it! We are getting more and more Technology equipment and it takes more time and effort to keep it up and running! More job security-Yeah!!