Monday, June 28, 2010

Time DOES Fly When You're having FUN!!

Can't believe I can't keep up with this all of a sudden! Well-we got back yesterday from vacation in Galveston with the whole family-minus Randy and Rascal! We had a blast at Moody Gardens and just hanging out at the beach. The weather was wonderful-even if I got sunburned the first day and at Moody Gardens no less! Alana and crew went home on Saturday-so we called Shelia and Alfred and they came on down for the night. The guys fished at the beach and caught a few small sand trout and gaff top. A great time was had!!
Jeff finally got his first SS check-YEAH! He won't be getting the back pay, though, but we are grateful to just have the income back! He's making pickles today-we stopped by the farmer's market on the way home and got a few cucumbers-Our garden is just not worth speaking of anymore-and so are alot of others around here. It has really been a weird year-either you have veggies EVERYWHERE or none at all.
We took the steer to the locker plant before we left-so we should be picking the meat up today or tomorrow-can't wait for a fresh steak! We are thinking about getting a few goats to keep the pasture eaten down-and they will be easier for us to handle than the full size cows! The pigs are growing and we still have rabbits to butcher-I won't breed them anymore this summer-it's just too hot for them! The quail are starting to sound off-they sound so cool-eggs will be coming before too long!! The pullets are coming along nicely, too.
All eyes are on the Gulf now-with the threat of the first hurricane of the season looming. The oil spill is bad enough-we really don't need that making it worse! Galveston beaches are still ok-just lots of seaweed! I'll try to post pictures later-took some really good ones this weekend!! Have a great day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Time-No Posting!

A pile of baby rabbits!!
Squash and peppers we put up today!

I guess there really isn't much of an excuse for not posting-other than just being busy with the normal end of the year school stuff and having a mild case of poison ivy and a chest cold! We got all the year end awards and Kindergarten graduations finished. We are on the count down for Jeff's Social Security checks to start coming in-it will be SO nice to have a paycheck coming in again!

The garden is about done for-we've picked green beans 2X's-only about a gallon bag full so far. We have a few small green tomatoes-but aren't holding out too much hope for them. Our friends-Sheila & Alfred gave us some of their surplus-so we've been busy putting some of it up, too. The hens are back up to 2-sometimes 3 eggs a day!!Yeah!! We've got 3 litters of bunnies right now-Jeff killed a BIG chicken snake last week in 1 of their cages. It had eaten 3 or 4 of the babies and the momma rabbit was biting the snake! We've got 6 fryers ready to butcher-Jeff will most likely get to them this week while I'm at work.

We are planning a family vacation to Galveston in a few weeks-gonna take everyone down and visit Moody Gardens and just hang out at the beach for a few days! I still have 12 days to work this summer-We work 4-10's in the summer-so I'll work 3 days a week through June then be off most of July. Time off will be nice this year since Jeff will be home!