Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jeff & Randy put a trotline out in the lake yesterday and this was what they brought home today! Yummy!! They caught 21 nice catfish-about 50 lbs-so 7 bags went into the freezer and we're having grilled fillets for supper! Randy is having to do most of the work running the lines-it's too much for Jeff's back to handle.

Our weather has just been wonderful so far this week-we got some rain the other night. Parts of the garden are coming along nicely-the green beans look great! I've got some okra up-along with a few watermelons and cantaloupe Jeff planted. He butchered 5 fryers last week and they were picked up Monday for delivery-works real well!!

It is so hard to believe that April is almost over-it hasn't gotten warm enough yet to turn the A/C on -but it won't be long! The hens are still laying up a storm and I'm hoping that at least a few of the bitties will be hens-they are sure looking like little roosters right now! I lost my big Rhode Island Red rooster-he never really recovered from the coon attack-I've got several of his offspring crowing out there now. I would like to get an aracauna rooster again and some hens-the grandkids like to gather the green eggs!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Rolls On!

Don't know where it goes-but time just keeps moving on around here! I look back and can't believe I let days go by without posting. Work is going great-we just seem SO busy lately! Mom had carpel tunnel surgury last Thursday-we moved our camper to their place so we can help them out and Shorty had cataract surgury yesterday-so we spent last Friday night with them-Jeff took them to Houston yesterday to the VA for Shorty's procedure and we stayed in the camper last night and will stay for the next few nights until they are able to get back on their feet. I already miss my grandkids-I bring them to school everyday!
The garden is starting to grow a little-somethings anyway! The green beans I planted last week are up and growing like crazy-about time something is! Jeff replanted some tomatoes and a few are looking up! Only a few cukes have popped up-none of the watermelons or cantaloupe, though. Maybe they'll all look better when we get to go back home.
The calves are about ready for the locker plant-the heifer just looks too nice to send to slaughter-we might just take her on to the sale barn-don't know. The hens are still laying like crazy-minus the one Jeff ran over with the truck last week-don't ask!! We had another litter of bunnies on Sunday-she wasn't due for another day or so and had them on the wire cage bottom-lost one-but the others seemed to be ok at last look-Jeff did butcher 1 pen of fryers last week-I really need to update my harvest count!
The afternoons have really begun to warm up-we haven't turned the a/c on yet-but the mornings are still a little cool. I love this time of year! It's a little breezy now and we have a chance of rain the next day or so-but we can always use it this time of year! Have a great one!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our New Farm Toy!!!

The antique rose growing at the entrance to the house-just covered with yellow flowers-Beautiful!

The farm's (?-hehe) new toy!

We bought the Cub Cadet on Saturday. Jeff & Alana found it in Cleveland on Friday-and we picked it up the next day-What fun we've had in it so far!! It is SOO much easier on Jeff-he can just get in it-not have to climb on! We can hardly keep the kids off of it-they even use it as a jungle gym. The dump bed has already come in handy-hauling off trash!

The garden is just sitting there-not really growing at all-I don't understand it at all. Jeff bought a few more tomato plants today-but he doesn't want to plant them in the garden! I just keep watering it!

Everything here has turned green and it just cast a different look on everything-I just love it! Spring is my favorite time of the year! Jeff has been working on the back porch-little at a time-It looks so good! His doctor wants him to do just as much as he feels up to-he's had a good day today-but was in quite a bit of pain yesterday-good days and bad!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Cayden, Madysen, Jordan & Kaytlynn at the Lufkin Zoo!

We had a really great-although busy-weekend! The trip to Round Rock with Aunt Linda & Uncle Gary was exciting-we didn't get close to seeing everything there! Next time we'll have a better idea of what to do! I did get my big star to go on the house after we get it painted.

Saturday we made the trip up to Lufkin to the zoo-the kids had a ball! Hailey was with her dad-so she missed out this time. The kids were looking forward to seeing the hippos-but they weren't there. They really enjoyed their time there-along with a picnic lunch, train ride, and time to play on the playground.

We stopped by Tractor Supply on the way home to buy some live traps they had on sale-and just had to come home with 6 baby chicks-we'll give it another try! At least this time-we have traps ready to catch any critters trying to get to them! Jordan & Kaytlynn got to pick these out-straight run-hopefully they won't all be roosters!

Sonrise service was a little drippy-with all the HEAVY fog-but it is always such a special service! Bro. Tom is not feeling very well-he wasn't able to make it to the regular service-he even had to sit down during his message at the Sonrise service-he never complains-so we know he's really feeling bad! The choir's contata was probably one of the best I've ever heard-it was beautiful! Julie, Alana & Ricky and all the kids-minus Hailey made it to Church-so it really was a wonderful time.

We spent most of the afternoon at Jeff's parents-the kids had an Easter egg hunt and we sat around and visited for several hours.
I weaned the last 2 pens of bunnies this afternoon-I didn't have a chance this year to try to sell any for Easter bunnies-so looks like we'll have lots of fryers in a few more weeks-several are big enough to be butchered now-Jeff will more than likely take care of that later this week. The squash has come up like crazy-man I wish everything else looked as good as it does! Time will tell!