Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow @ YeagerFarm!!

Alana's snowman~
Jordan & Kaytlynn playing on the porch in the little bit of accumulated snow.

Jeff & Julie freezing-Let's go back inside!

Mady showing me the snow she found!

Well-it snowed again-this time I was able to get a few pictures of it. It was really coming down-but it's not sticking very well. The kids did get a chance to play in a little of it-big kids and small!
Health wise everyone is doing fine. I do have a Dr appointment tomorrow afternoon-I've twisted my knee and it was better-but now it is swelling again-so I guess I better get it checked out. Still no word from Social Security on Jeff's back-it's just a waiting game. All parents are doing fine!
The baby pigs are due any time now-another waiting game! We did have 2 litters of bunnies-1 yesterday and 1 today-hope they stay warm enough.
We are still trying to get the garden in shape to plant-but this weather just won't straighten out! Hopefully this next weekend will shape up fine. We went to the beach last weekend-it was beautiful-but the wind was so cold it made your eyes water. We came on home on Saturday afternoon. We tried to fish-but no bites-seems like it's just too cold. We are trying to decide if we want to keep the property or sell it-it just isn't the same down there anymore. We've tried to hold on to it-but if the Social Security doesn't come through-we'll have to try to sell it. It's just really hard to think about letting it go-we've so much enjoyed it!
Be safe out there and have a great week!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am REALLY getting tired of this weather! We even had about 4 hours of sleet last night-none stuck though!
I really guess I need to do an update-I really don't know where to start-or I don't remember were I last stopped? Ok-let's see-Jason did get the pig butchered-and we are still watching the sow-she's getting close-but no pigs yet. The chickens are still laying like crazy-the kids have a friend coming by this afternoon to buy 5 dozen! We have 6 bunnies left from the last litter-1 of them has been spoken for. Jeff sold 5 butchered fryers last week to someone out in the Austin area, I believe, so we now have a buyer for almost as many as we can raise!!
Jeff's mom had to have a heart cath on Tuesday, so he's been staying at their house because she can't pull on his dad to lift him out of his chair. It is really taking a toll on his back! He stayed overnight with them Tuesday-and will most likely stay tonight as well. But she is doing fine-only slight blockage found and a small anyourism (sp!).
We still haven't gotten any word from the Social Security Admin. on a decision on Jeff's back. We expect to hear from them at any time now, though. My boss is in Austin this week at a convention. We got in our big shipment-so I have lots to do! Our Income tax Return is due to be in the bank tomorrow-so we have some catching up to do on bills and getting a few things taken care of-like Jeff needing tires on his truck-BADLY!
Guess I'll close for now-I really need to get some pictures taken of the bitties-they have grown faster than any we've ever had! And we've been slowly trying to get the garden in shape-but this dang weather just won't cooperate!! Have a great day! :)