Sunday, July 1, 2012

All Things...... RED & GOLDEN!!!

 This is the fruits of our Harvest on Friday-Sugar-Free Strawberry/Fig Perserves; Picante Sauce; Stewed Tomatoes-and best of all-the first of the Honey!!
 Picture of one of the hives-the bees are coming in loaded with pollen on their back legs! This is such a wonder from God to watch-knowing they turn the yellow stuff into beautiful golden richness!
 The first frame Jeff pulled-almost completely filled with honey! Ricky stood by with the cookie sheet to hold the frames after Jeff removed all the bees. He took 3 frames out-then into the house for the uncapping.
The uncapping-Jeff used the electric knife this time-he really wants to invest in an uncapping knife. We saved the caps-I want to start working with the beeswax. I haven't decided if I want to do soap, candles, or ? Anyway-we harvested a total of 7 pints from the 3 frames-a great haul for the first time!! It's time to put the 2nd super on the 2nd hive we have-but the weather's been a little rainy the last 2 days-so it'll have to wait til another warm (HOT) day.

We just got home from Jeff's mom's house-we celebrated the 4th today with a big family BBQ-lots of good food and great people! She had a small jar of the honey-now everyone wants a jar of it! That's one of the great things about it-we can share with family and friends. Brandy's twin girls are really suffering with allergies right now-so I think a jar may go home with her to try to build up their immune systems. And Jason's wanting more cucumbers so he can make more pickles-the ones he's already made have been shared with his boss and friends-now he hasn't got any left for himself! Seems like that's how it goes sometimes! But the cukes are about done for-we might be able to find a few for him.
We are looking forward to next Sunday when we leave for our next vacation-at the beach again-only this time we'll be at the state park in Galveston. We haven't camped here in years! We used to go at the least twice a summer-but since Hurricane Ike-they don't have many campsites left-so it's hard to get reservations on the beach side. Can't hardly wait!
I have to go into work tomorrow for a 10 hour day-sure I'll be pretty busy playing catch-up for the last week of being off. We'll go up to Mom and Shorty's on Tuesday-he bought a new mattress last week-and it is being delivered then. We'll go and try to do a little cleanup before the movers get there. Friday we both have Doc appointments with the new Dr-sure hate to have to see someone new-but the new insurance isn't accepted by the old Dr.