Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alana & Ricky!!!

Ricky & Alana got married on Saturday! They had a quick ceremony at the Justice of the Peace's home, then went back to our Church for the reception.
 The kiddos
 The ceremony
And she was really worried he was gonna smear cake on her face! She got a little tickled!

It's been REALLY cold here this week! It snowed about 45 minutes north of here today-but it didn't stick. :(
I'm off this week-but we had to take Jeff's mom to the ER on Sunday afternoon-COPD and weather changes set it off-we got to bring her home this afternoon-Thank you, God!
We had a calf born weekend before last-about a month early from our calculations-but when we found it-he was in the gully and had been there way too long. He was very weak and limp. We tried to warm him up and get him to nurse-he was too far gone :(  He died before midnight. We have another heifer due at the first of the year-hopefully things will go much better this time around! We did borrow a jersey bull from a friend the same weekend and hopefully the milk cow is now bred. We have her and the Dexter at home since we have so much going on here right now and need to be home now instead of in Coldspring. We have several regular milk customers now, but still have an abundance that the pigs enjoy!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!