Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is Gone??

What happened to this month? Was I so busy-probably doing nothing-that it just quietly slipped by? WOW!
We stayed home last weekend-other than a trip into Conroe Saturday morning for fencing supplies-I never have been able to figure out Tractor Supply knows just how much money I have to spend? Anyway-the cows are pushing part of the newer-of course, fence down-We have to get the bull here! and the chicken pen had huge holes in it! So Sunday-they got a new pen-We enclosed the rabbit shed and gave them the old garden area. We haven't been getting but maybe 1 egg a day and go figure-we got 4 Monday and 3 yesterday! Do you think they like their new home? Jeff butchered 3 rabbits yesterday-7 more to go and I bred 1 doe on Monday.
And our weather is just wonderful!!! We've had rain and cooler temps! The first strong front came through yesterday and it is 58 degrees this morning on the back porch! It will warm back up to the low 90's tomorrow-before te next front comes through Thursday night and cools us back down for the weekend!
Work is going great-Jeff is hearing rumors of a lay-off again and cutting back to 32 hours a week-we'll just roll with the punches-it'll all work out!! Have a great day! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

The flounder & the golden croakers we caught!
Me & the red fish that I caught! The tall palm tree on the right we bought as an anniversary gift to ourselves-it'll replace the big one we lost after Ike!

We had a great time this weekend! The only drawback from the whole 3 days were the MOSQUITOS!! OMG-They were awful! At times you couldn't even breathe without them getting in your nose! And at dark-OFF! was no deterant at all! I believe it was actually an attractant! Anyway-we spent Friday over in Galveston-walked the Strand and drove down to west beach where my grandparent's house was. We ate at Guido's-then rode the ferry back to Bolivar. It was already dark when we got back-we were planning to walk on the beach-but did I mention mosquitos?

Saturday we fished at the beach in the morning-the water was clear as a bell all the way up to your waist and slick as glass! It was beautiful! And I caught my first shark! It wasn't quite big enough to keep-I think Jeff caught 2. Later in the afternoon we went down to the end of our street and fished in the Intercoastal canel. I caught a big red fish! Then Jeff caught a flounder! And between the 2 of us, we caught 8 golden croakers-all in less than an hour and a half! What fun! Then we went down and set on the beach with Anne and Duane until the mosquitos got so bad we couldn't stand it!

Sunday morning, Jeff caught a shark big enough to keep-so we brought it home with the other fish and grilled it last night-yummy! He gave the flounder to his Mom-she loves it baked. And my Mom is STILL in the hospital-she now has gout in her feet-and the foot Doc just won't release her to go home! Hopefully today-he never came in the whole weekend! She is not going to rehab either.

Our first cool front is making its way towards us-it will be a rainy week for us. I'm looking forward to the cooler temps-I just don't want any rain with it-I'd like to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. The hot tub felt really good last night-can only imagine what it will feel like when it does get cooler outside!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ready for the Weekend!

This is gonna be a LONG day! We are SO ready to get to the beach this afternoon! Both of us are just totally worn out from running! I even went in and laid down for about 20 minutes when I got in from work yesterday. Then after we ate supper-Jeff fixed some left-over brisket and made potato salad-we went out and reset the camera-Jordan and Kaytlynn got in the hot tub and it started raining again! It's become a daily event-but I'm not complaining!
Mom is STILL in the hospital-they now say she has gout-so I don't know if she'll go to re-hab or not.. She does NOT want us to change our plans this weekend-so we'll go on tonight -spend tomorrow on the Strand in Galveston-but we might just come back home on Saturday-depending on what's going on. Shorty now has to have cateract surgery-probally down at the VA in Houston.
Jeff has decided the sow is definately bred. I'll have to look back and see around what time she'll be due. He went to the back Doc yesterday and got the normal run-around and a new script for pain meds. He called the Work Comp manager and let her know what was going on and she assured him that his Dr. is one of the best-but he was way past his review time-which we already knew-it's normally in January! So I'm sure we'll be getting a letter in the mail shortly saying that he'll have to report downtown Houston for his review. Just another day!
Guess I'll go-still have a few things to pack and gotta get ready for work! Have a great weekend-we'll sure try to! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We did it!!! We made it to 30 years! And talk about time going by fast!! It just doesn't seem possible that that much time could go past-but then when you look at your kids-adults themselves-you know that it must have!! We married so young-Jeff was 19 and I had just turned 16-Julie was born almost 2 years later-but we have each other for a best friend and can hardly stand to be away from each other for any length of time! We don't have any big plans for tonight-but we are taking Friday off from work and leaving for the beach on Thursday afternoon. We stayed at my Grandparents beach house for a few days after we got married-funny-we always migrate to the coast!
Mom is still in the hospital-they are worried about her leg now. She said she will have to have home health care when she goes home-they don't want her up on her leg at all. The bruising is pretty bad and they are afraid of blood clots. So we'll see what happens with this. Shorty has to go to Houston today to the VA for a Doc appointment-he'll ride the bus from Livingston.
I managed to get more of the garden weeded yesterday-it was SO nice outside-a cool breeze would blow through every now and then. I got 9 tomatoes, 9 broccoli, and 9 red cabbage planted. I shoveled 3 five gallon buckets of rabbit manure and added to the beds. Jeff worked on getting a hot wire strung up at his parents so we can extend the pasture a little bit for the cows. Where they normally have their garden the grass is over knee high-Ike had torn up the front of the fence and when we rebuilt it-we just moved way back the other side of the garden. So this afternoon-we'll open the gate and let them in there for a few hours. We don't quite trust them yet to stay in there-they haven't been in a hot wire fence in some time-and the calves never have been-but they learn quick to stay away! We ended the evening with a soak in the hot tub-so relaxing and what a great anniversary gift to ourselves!
Gotta go! Have a great day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cameras, Cows & Casinos!

Jeff-checking out the camera-Hey-do you think it's working now??
Some of the cows-why won't they stay out of the hay??

Here's the picture from Friday-don't know what was up with the site that day!!

We had just a really great day yesterday!! We drove our friends Sheila & Alfred to Sulpher. LA to pick up their truck-it had to be put in the shop while their son had it over there for work. Once we picked it up we drove the next few miles to Isle of Capri-figured we just spend a few dollars and play the slots for a minute before coming back home. Jeff & I haven't been in quite a while-we never win anything anyway! We walked around for awhile-they'd already lost the money they's brought-when we sat down to play. I put a $20 in and played $7 of it and won $480!! I was so shocked-I NEVER win anything. That was enough for me-I cashed out and was ready to go home!

We stopped in Beaumont on the way home and I got Jeff a game camera for our anniversary. He's been wanting one for awhile-His brother has been seeing some deer signs at the back of our pasture-so we hope to get some pictures of something besides us! Jeff got me a beautiful anniversary ring. We also bought ourselves 2 new fishing rods.

Mom is still in the hospital-so we'll head to Conroe in a little while to check on her. They are worried about her knees now where she fell last Sunday-I just don't know!

We've had quite a bit of rain-the sun is coming out a little now-we've got alot of outside work -including work in the garden-that really needs to get done! The yard needs to be mowed and the pastures, too. Oh, well-there's always something to do!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom & Curtis

Here we go again! Mom is once again in the hospital! She called us at 3:30 am yesterday morning-she was sick with a spell with her stomach. By 8:00 she was still feeling bad-but shortly after-she begin bleeding again. So I had to leave work around 11:00 and take her into the ER in Conroe. We finally got into a room at 2:00 and they began running tests. It was just as we suspected-her Diviticulitus had flared up again-although not as bad as back in July! By 6:30pm they had decided she could go home-of course Jeff and Shorty were aready on their way up there! But then the PA came back in and said the Dr. said no-she'd have to stay over night due to blood in her stool. They were still trying to get her in a room when we left to come home. Hopefully she had a good night and will come home this morning!
And Curtis fell again yesterdayand bumped his head and hit his ribs pretty hard. I haven't seen him-but Jeff said his Dad is bruised up again! He is having such a hard time, too!
Just keep us in your prayers-as we will you-We are all facing difficulties right now!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Labor Day Weekend!!!

Jordan and the stringer of catfish he helped catch!
Me & Jeff on the jet ski's for the first time in our lives!! Thanks Duane for the help!

We had the BEST time this weekend! And it only rained once-about 4:00am on Saturday morning-and the sun came up at 7:00 just like normal! We only fished one time-didn't catch anything. We just spent the weekend hanging out with old friends and taking naps in the afternoon!! Tim's house is up now and it looks great! He's painting it a really pretty blue. Ann & Duane were down the whole time and we spent most evenings down on the beach with them. Their daughter and her husband brought down their jet ski's and we got to ride on them-a first for us! Thanks Christi and Brandon!! We had a ball! And thanks Ann for the pics!! When we got back home, we decided to take the boat to the lake-we hadn't run it in over a year! Jordan went with us. We decided to do a little fishing-and that little stinker caught 2 catfish before Jeff got his hook in the water! He caught a total of 3 and Jeff caught 2-So we had fresh catfish for supper last night! Yummy!!

We have 50% chances of rain daily now through next Monday-we need it-but this morning the weather guy is saying we have to watch for an area down the coast to develop-this is the 7 day window when we have had a hurricane the last 3 years in a row!! We DON'T need that again!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hot Tub & New Truck!

It took me a week-but I finally took a pic of my new truck! And got a pretty bad one of the new deck-sorry-I'll try again later!

We're heading to the beach this weekend for the long holiday-but there is a pretty good chance of rain. I just would like to go and sleep for awhile! I'm just so tired!! Ready to relax for a few days! Jeff is taking tomorrow off, too and him & Tim are going fishing! Hope they catch some!

The cows have been drivivng us crazy this week! All they do is beller constantly-so that leads us to believe they have started coming back into heat again. And our livestock trailer is up in Coldspring at Mom's. We've got to remember to bring it back home with us and get them loaded up and back to Mom's and to the bull for next years calves!!!

Have a great Labor day Weekend!!