Saturday, October 31, 2009


Look what showed up on the game camera this week!!! We got 32 pictures of him-he left in the early morning hours, then came back at nearly 10 pm that night!

Boy-have we had rain this week! I have poured out 6 inches from the rain gauge in the last 24 hours or so! We had gotten the rest of the seeds planted in the garden on Tuesday-don't know where they are now! :( Hopefully at least a few will sprout somewhere we can find them. It was SO bad that when Jeff moved the cows yesterday-Rainbow sunk up to her belly in the yard-right by the garden! She managed to get herself out-but really scared Jeff!

Jeff didn't work yesterday-the first day the job has told him not to come in! Randy was rained in and several others-Tim & Candy were stuck-Jeff had to take the tractor down to get their road where they could get out. Then broke their waterline!
We are on our way into Cleveland-Jeff has an appointment to get his eyes checked-then on into Conroe-I have to find a pair of shoes to wear to work. My feet are so weird shaped-I have a hard time finding something to fit. For some reason-flipflops just won't work for work or in the winter-unless I wear them with socks! Have a safe and happy Halloween-I'm sure I'll post pics of the grandkids tomorrow-in costume!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A-Not as Planned -Weekend!

We had another one!! Our plans were to go to the beach-Sheila and Alfred were going down, too. Then on Friday afternoon-I got a call at work that Jeff's mom had been taken to the ER with chest pains-thank God she is fine-all the test came out negative! We worked in the garden all morning on Saturday-it was SO bad-I wouldn't even take a picture of it! Jeff was murder on a few remaining things-he accidently broke the main stem to the gourd vine off at the ground and cut down both of the grape vines with the lawnmower. I did manage to save a few tomato plants-although they look awful! I got the beets and some squash seeds planted in the greenhouse. Saturday we met Sheila and Alfred and went out to eat-we had a great time!! Sunday we spent cleaning up and gathering firewood. It was SUCH a beautiful weekend-then the rain started in again this morning! Hopefully it will be nice when I get in from work tomorrow-I want to plant the rest of the seeds I have. We are supposed to get another round of rain and cool weather towards the end of the week-then another beautiful weekend ahead. We'd love to head back to the beach-but with Halloween-I don't think the grandkids would forgive us for skipping out on them! My dad had knee replacement surgery today-so he'll be down for awhile. But he never allows any of us to help him out! Ricky sold 6 rabbits for me on Saturday-sure was glad to thin them out a little-the feed is $10.50 a bag now!! So I'm down to 3 does and a buck-there are still 3 fryers that need to be butchered and I have a litter due on Thursday or Friday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful October Weekend!!

Yeager Farm's fall scarecrow!! He welcomes you from the driveway-while he moons you!!
The fish we caught Saturday-minus the 2 Jeff cleaned before he realized we hadn't taken any pictures yet!

It has just been the MOST beautiful weekend!! We went to the beach on Friday evening and spent the evening around a fire with Anne and Duane. Saturday morning was quite cool-but we went fishing anyway. Jeff caught a nice speckled trout-the one I caught was only 13 1/2 inches-so back in he went. Later in the afternoon, we went down to the end of our road and Jeff caught a nice red and then we started catching bull croakers-I have never seen croakers this big!! They were SO much fun to catch! We came on back home this morning-got home about 10:00am.

When we got home, Jeff went to work on the scarecrow. After that was finished, he decided to mow a little, then royally broke the brush hog. Someone had put a chain on it and it slipped into a hole on the deck and twisted the yoke until the u-joint broke. Don't know what that's gonna cost us!

I'm making a pot of homemade chili for supper-no Wolf brand here(Jeff can't stand the stuff!) We might even start a fire in the heater for the first time tonight! We are so glad that the cool temps are finally here!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bedroom Remodel

We almost finished it this weekend!! After getting in and OUT of the hot tub Saturday night, we decided really quick that the door had to be put into the bedroom for quick access into the house!! It was nearly 60 degrees outside-but it really feels COLD when you get out of the warm water. So the door went up yesterday-and it looks So good! Now we need to hang the closet door and finish getting things put back in their place. Next-finish the bathroom!

With all the rain we've been getting-our boar's pen was deep in mud. So on Saturday afternoon-we halfed up the sows big pen and gave him half of it. He was really glad to get out of all that mud!! The hen's were laying pretty good again-but with this cool-rainy weather-they have completely stopped laying-again! I bred 2 more does on Saturday afternoon and Ricky sold 2 and delivered them on Friday. We need to get up to Mom's and bring the bull here to service the cows before they start coming back in heat. And we will be needing to start hauling the hay home before too long.

Jeff hasn't gotten anymore pictures of deer on his camera yet. He did get a few of a rabbit and one of Tim's dogs-have to check it again this afternoon. Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jeff got his first pictures of a deer! It was late Sunday night/early Monday morning in the pasture across the road-between our house and Jeff's parents. We are so excited! He doesn't have a good rack-but it is the first deer we've captured on the camera!

And Sheila-I locked my keys in my truck yesterday!!! I don't know when I last did that!! Luckily, Jeff was on his way home from work-so he came to my rescue-my hero! But I couldn't help but think of you-all those times in Cleveland!! hehe

I'm still working on my bedroom-with the wasted time yesterday afternoon-I didn't get much done-but I'm slowly making progress! Mostly need to get the dressers cleaned off and find some place to put blankets and other things!?!

Jeff has a big meeting at work today-it's finally here-Rumor has it they are cutting part of the plant to 32 hours-today will tell which sections and for how long. They have very little work-so it's not gonna be good! Belt-tightening time!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Big Red!!

Jeff & me went on down to the beach on Friday evening-Friday was just the most beautiful day!! Rain was due to start-but we needed to go down and check on things down there. The sun came up on Saturday morning with a beautiful sunrise-but the clouds quickly moved in. It never rained on us-but was cloudy and a little cool. And boy was it crowded down there this weekend! No one was on the beach-but you couldn't get in sideways at Rollover or any other of our favorite fishing spots! We ended up at the end of Tuna Drive-but weren't getting any bites. Jeff had one of his big fishing rods out and was fishing with a lure. Tim and Candy had come out and Candy and I were sitting and talking-when I saw Jeff's pole just take off! I hollered and took off after it-nearly slipping in the mud and falling down! I could hear Candy laughing behind me-I had to jump a small ditch before I could get to it-But I caught it! I have the bruises under my arm to prove it! I had to fight that big fish to even get him landed and then had to sit down-I was shaking from trying! A guy down there had a net-so Tim and Jeff helped get the fish out of the water-there are big rocks down there and we were scared he'd pull off against them. What Fun!! He was 32 inches long!!
The rain really seems to have set into a pattern here! We stayed home all day yesterday-we came home on Saturday-and worked in the house-the bedroom mostly. We have some remodeling that we never finished-from years back-so I started the cleaning process so we can get in there! The bathroom needs some electrical finished and the tub surround needs to be replaced. The bedroom needs major help-cleaning and the closet door needs to be hung-and not to mention that it needs to be cleaned!! We bought a new bed-in-a-bag and curtains-so it is looking a whole lot better! And we are going to take out the window that is on the deck and put a door there so we can come straight into the bedroom from the hot tub!
The hens are beginning to lay again-We were just about down to having to buy a dozen eggs-whew! I really didn't want to eat those sick looking eggs! They really do seem to be enjoying their new pen! And Jeff's camera picked up just some glowing eyes early yesterday morning-so we put fresh batteries in it last night-we'll check it again this afternoon-hopefully it's a deer! Have a great week!!