Monday, June 15, 2009


19 pints of FRESH whole kernel corn!!!!
Jeff had LOTS of help shucking corn-and the kids just LOVED the worms! We thought that when they found the first one that would be it-but they had more fun looking for the worms than shucking the corn!

Grandpa's little shadow-Kaytlynn has been pretty attached to her Grandpa for the last week or so-She wants to be wherever he is-doing whatever he is!

We had another really good weekend!! Jeff took his Dad up to the Lake to go fishing Saturday morning-he didn't catch anything. We then went on a corn hunt! We found a Farmer's Market in Onalaska that had some nice ears-but I wanted to keep looking! Mom and Shorty had taken me to the Angelina County Farmer's Market last year in Lufkin-what a pretty place. You drive over a covered bridge and it is set up as a park-picnic tables-gazebo-playground and then a small covered area for the vendors. I was a little disappointed, though. There were only 3 venders set up and alot of what the first 2 had were veggies from out of state-What's up with that???? Anyway the last on had FRESH corn from his own garden-and it had just been picked a few hours earlier! He wanted $1 for 3 ears-I got ALL he had-68 ears and he just gave me the last 8-It was beautiful corn! So we drove over an hour for corn on Saturday--he-he--only to get back home and find a message on the answering machine from Alfred that he was having a corn shucking and did we want to come up to their place!! SOOOO-we went up to the cabin and raided their garden-once AGAIN! And we came home with 63 more ears of corn, more potatoes and a few nice tomatoes! We went down to the river and caught a few fish-Jeff caught a really nice bass.

Sunday was spent canning corn. We cut most of it off the cob and I canned 20 pints! We put 30 whole ears in the freezer and 3 qt bags to add to soup stock when I get enought stuff gathered together to put it up! Randy BBQ'd for everyone at his house and we had a good supper with him and family and friends.

I am down to working 2 days a week now for a few weeks before my summer break. Jeff talked to Tim last night and in a few weeks his job will cut their hours down to 32 a week-he'll be off on Fridays-so Jeff and him will start on the cover at the Beach over the slab and the camper. I just hate that his time will be cut! Jeff says he's heard rumors on his job of the same thing! Thank God-they still have jobs-even when the hours are cut!!

Guess I better go for now-gotta get ready for work-Oh-still no calves! Have a great day!


Sheila said...

Those two jars on top of the stack look like corn out of my garden! :) Beautiful pics! Especially of the chillen workin' on that corn! Awesome!

YeagerFarm said...

Truth be told-more than just the top 2!! Thanks for everything!!!! Love you guys!