Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Baby turkeys!!
Jordan and Kaytlynn with the new calf.

Well-first things first! Mom is doing better-even thought she still is in CCU. While we were visiting her on Saturday-they rushed her into the Cath Lab and put a balloon in. She only had 30% usage of the bottom of her heart-the previous blockage had not changed. They slowly begain weaning her off the pump yesterday-if she did OK she should get to come home today. She has to remove ALL the stress in her life-I don't know how that's goin' to happen-she's always been a worry wort and worries about EVERYTHING! Jeff and I went up to their house after work last night and I worked on getting the Frig cleaned out and some of her pantry. Aunt Linda is going up today or later and work on cleaning up the house some for them.

The calf has been having trouble nursing. Jeff put Rainbow in the stall Sunday morning and made the calf nurse-he doesn't have a name yet-guess that shows how busy we've been! We still aren't sure if he nurses on his own during the day or not-since we haven't been home to watch yet. But he is NOT aggresive at all or just not hungry enough yet-but with all this heat-we worry he'll dehydrate. We bought 4 baby turkey's on our way home from the Hospital on Sunday-1 disapearred and 1 died. They are a month old-so I thought they'd be a little easier to raise-maybe not!

I took some really pretty pics of the sunflowers in the garden-but my Internet is SO slow-I'll wait to post them til another time-Oh-and we got a little rain yesterday!!!!YEAH!!! Have a little bit better chance this afternoon. I don't remember a time when its been this dry in June!

Chances are I'll work this whole week-other than Friday. We are getting a little backed up in the office. We are planning a long weekend at the beach-starting Thursday evening-as long as things are OK with Mom. Can't wait!!! Have a great day!

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