Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day at the Beach!

This is the last large head of broccoli from the garden-along with the carrots I pulled just to thin them out. It made a pint size full bag in the freezer. Yummy!!

Shorty has been wanting to take a trip down to the beach to do a little salt water fishing-so we got up early yesterday morning and made the drive down. It was a beautiful day-but the fish weren't biting. :( Jeff did catch a rat Red-not legal size-so he was returned to the Intercoastal Canal.

Shorty's catch of the day-a very small Whiting-which also was returned-this time to the Gulf. We tried fishing in 3 different spots-including Roll Over Pass-with no luck at all-but we really had a great day of fun!

This is the Cross at the end of Hwy 124 in High Island when you hit the beach. It was such a wonderful site-even with the Sea Gull perched on top!

Well-my Christmas break is nearly over-back to work on Monday! We did absolutely nothing for New Year's-we were in bed by 9:00pm! We'd been really busy all day and didn't even make it to Church for the celebration there. And no New Year resolutions here as well-we just don't do them.

We are having dog trouble again-we've got a few hens missing-Jeff actually found one of them-the dog was after her again-she survived and is back in with the rest of the flock. Lucy is starting to show so we are expecting a litter of pigs at the end of February-yeah!

My Doc visits have shown that some of the problems I've been having may be due to me developing early sign of diabetes. Seems my blood work is coming back that my body is having a little trouble with the carbs I'm eating-so I'm on Meds and cutting back on the carbs and go back to the doc in a month to see if there's been any change and/or weight loss. We'll see-I really love my pasta-rice-potatoes, etc!!!

Have a great start to your New Year!