Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fast Week!

My camera doesn't zoom in close-but if you look hard enough-you can see a deer in the middle of this pic! Her and a buck with velvet on his horns walked out right in front of us on our way out to Coldspring on Tuesday. Probably part of the ones that ate up the garden!

We spent a good part of the week getting Hailey back and forth from drill team camp. They had a show off on Thursday at the end of it. She on the right-and did a really good job especially for someone who's never had any dance classes in her life!

Vacation week at the beach may have gone by calm and slow-but-this week at home has just been a blur. Jeff had a Doc appt on Monday-then I went shopping for work clothes on Wednesday and shopped for shoes yesterday and Samamtha cut and foiled my hair last night-thanks again! We got the walls put up in the utility room and bought shelves for it yesterday-so that room is finally coming together!

Jeff's been setting the traps again and caught a baby coon the other night-we just took him for a ride and let him loose at a creek several miles from us. But that little sucker was BAD!! You would have thought he was full grown with all the fuss he was making! And we're on calf watch still-Sugar should be due anyday now-I think I made 3 or 4 trips out to check on her yesterday-1 already this morning! You can tell she's ready-just a matter of time. And the dog did get several of the hens-so we are down to 5 and the rooster-and 2 of them are setting again-the same 2 that hatched out bitties earlier this spring. So we are only getting 2 eggs a day right now-1 of the hens is really old-so I don't think she's laying at all.

Seems Tropical Storm Don was no help to anyone. Can you believe how that storm just fizzled out? I know we got some really need rain last week-but it's already getting dry here again! Everything looks so green-but with 100 dgree days-it won't last long without rain.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Week!

I found a shark's tooth on the beach this morning! It's the first one I've found in quite awhile and the only one we've found this week. Not a big one-but one all the same!

This sand crab/fiddler crab met us at the beach this morning-I've NEVER seen a white and yellow one before and he was quite large! I would have LOVED to catch him and take him home to the grandkids-but I knew that would only cause its' death-so I just left it alone.

Well-it's almost over :( But we've had such a great time! We are on the camp grounds waiting list for Labor day weekend-and we are only the third in line. The requests in front of us only want the spaces on the Intercoastal-we'll take ANYTHING!! So it looks kinda good that we'll get to come back real soon! We also made reservations in the middle of September for our anniversary-and we got one of the best sites at the park-right on the Intercoastal canal. Hopefully we'll have our fishing lights by then and can do some serious night fishing! Speaking of-that's what we did last night! We met a young couple who are the new owners of a bait camp down here and they invited us to fish last night under the lights. The speckled trout were just popping and rolling in the water! It was great-but they didn't bite very well :( . I did catch one and I think we ended up with it and 4 sand trout and we're planning to go back tonight. We didn't get back to the camper until right at 2:00 am-really late for us. But it has been SO hot here and I guess everywhere else too. August will be here soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's Catch!

Our late evening catch of the day! We didn't even venture out until after noon today-We woke up this morning to thunder and lightning! It rained quite a bit-but it all soaked up here, too. Alana said it was really raining hard at the house too-so that is great news! We spent some time in the old neighborhood-they now have a washateria in Gilchrist! We spent quite awhile talking to the man who owns it. Two of his workers walked across the street and into the surf and started catching the heck out of speckled trout! And of course-we didn't have the rods and reels with us! We're gonna try it out in the morning-then gonna ride the ferry over to Galveston and spend the day over there. Don't really have any plans-other than eating somewhere nice!

This is an awful picture-but I'm just so proud of the pedicure I got from Samantha last week. She painted little flip-flops on my toenails since I was going to the beach! My feet are covered with antbites-I got into ants at the house before we left-then on the side of the road when we had the flat on the camper. Well-the fish is ready-I just baked it with butter and cajun seasoning-sure smells good!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach Vacation!

Kaytlynn with her treasures from the beach this morning-lots of small shells and a few clams.

Jordan & Kaytlynn at the boat ramp at the campground-he's bound and determined to catch himself some bait in the dip net.

Our little piece of Paradice for the week-this is a really nice place to camp so far-but it is awfully hot! We brought Jordan & Kaytlynn with us and Ricky, Alana & Kylie came later in the afternoon. We spent a little time at the beach right at dark last night-it was just TOO hot to get the baby out!

But- this is Kylie and Alana this morning-her second time on the beach! She slept through this morning's trip though!

Last night's trip though-she was wide awake and trying to process it all! She slept well overnight-Alana said she only woke up once-and we never heard a peep out of anyone-Jordan & Kaytlynn were completely worn out!

Well-we finally made it-After ANOTHER flat tire-we had one on the camper bring it home from Mom's-and having to turn around and go back into Winnie for another tire-Ended up having to buy 4 brand new ones! It rained on us close to half of the way down-and Alana said that we got a really good rain at the house! YEAH! We finally-well almost-finished the fence around the new pasture and got the cows moved over there on Friday evening-boy were they enjoying the grass! I meant to take a picture of them-but with all the packing and getting ready to leave-I just forgot! Ricky is going to feed for us while we are here-they've already left for home. We lost 3 or 4 hens on Saturday to a neighbors dog-so they will have to be kept penned up until the problem is solved-that leaves us with only 5 or 6 left-so I'll be looking for some replacements when we get back. I hope to find some Araucaunas-we miss the green eggs! We let the horse into the pasture with the sheep so he can have some grass-A man Jeff used to work with is coming to get the horse on Wednesday-no one is riding him anymore and feed is just costing us too much-so he has to go.

We've fished a few times already-here in the canal and at the beach. I caught a small croaker and Jeff caught a hard head at the beach-hopefully we'll get into some bigger/better catches some time this week. Today is Jeff's birthday-so I really wish he'd hang something great! He just came in from walking Rascal and said it's just roasting out there-guess we'll have to wait til it cools off to try some more!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Break Has Begun!

Kaytlynn coming into Church for Parent's night at VBS.

Jordan coming in-The theme this year was New York City-the kids had a ball!

Kylie and Grandpa-He had her grinning-but I couldn't get a pic in time-go figure! She has already gained 1.1 pounds and grown 1/2 an inch. She has a very hearty appetite!

I don't know what happened to the last post-it somehow was eaten-pics-text and all! anyway-I'll try to start over! We've been getting a little rain-not near enough-but any little bit we are grateful for! I'm off work until August 1st-so I'm looking foward to a little R&R!

We are planning to go to the beach camping next Saturday-We changed our Caddo Lake plans-we just didn't feel comfortable going so far off with all the health issues Mom's been having. We can't seem to keep her out of the hospital-and we're working with the Docs to try to get her off some of the meds-she's on WAY too much stuff! Dad started his chemo Wednesday-through fanny pack drip-he was in very good spirits at Church-no side effects yet-hopefully he won't have to suffer through any!

Jeff was reinstated as a Deacon 2 weeks ago-most members didn't even know he was in an inactive state. We really are enjoying our new pastor-Bro. Tobey and family are great!

I know I had LOTS more stuff on the eaten posts-guess I'll put it on later-if I can remember!