Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Huge Crab!!!!

We had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend!! Jeff got the dirt work done on Saturday-I got really sunburned! On Sunday Jason and LeighAnn came down and Tim and Candy and the girls came across the ferry from Texas City where they were staying. We all went down to the bait hole and went crabbing. Tim caught the BIGGEST crab we've ever seen. It reached 1ft and 7 inches from tip of pincher to tip of the other! Jason and LeighAnn had been fishing in Loiusiana-so they grilled the fish that they caught for supper-they were delicious!! Thanks! We tried to enjoy some time on the beach-but as it got dark-the mosquitoes ATTACKED!!! They must have loved the scent of OFF!-it didn't stop them a bit! Everyone quickly packed up and went home!

When we got back home yesterday-the garden was looking pretty good-Thank you Alana, for watering it for us this weekend! Still no ripe tomatoes and only 1 little squash. Jeff's potatoes are making a few potatoes-we'll just have to see on them!

Have a great week!

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