Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Aren't these just 2 of the cutest helpers? They can hardly wait until time to head out to the garden in the afternoon to see what is ready to pick! With me working 10 hour days and not getting home til 5:30-they are raring to go when I get out of the Jeep! Jeff fried catfish for supper last night and Alana wanted some cucumbers to go in the salad-so out to the garden we went. We are in a VERY dry pattern with NO rain in sight-and the garden is suffering for it-Temps are close if not 100 degrees everyday-through next Wednesday. I watered the garden-hopefully can get by with every other day.

Jeff also told me we have a hen setting-so he marked the eggs. We thought about moving her into a cage after dark last night-but were just too tired. We'll see how she does today-It's just SO hot in the nest boxes-I scared she'll have a heat stroke-do chickens have heat strokes? Have a great day!

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