Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Got Some RAIN!! Happy July 1st!!

Jeff picking tomatoes in the garden.

One of the sunflowers-Can you see the bumblebee?

It RAINED!!! And , boy, did it! We got 3-yes 3, inches yesterday! Of course, it was too much-too fast-but it looks so much better here already!

Mom is still in the hospital. She was supposed to be moved out of the CCU yesterday into a managed care room-but there weren't any available. Hopefully they moved her during the night and she'll get to come home today. I only work 2 hours tomorrow-so I'll either go to the hospital when I get off at 9:00-or go to her house and get things ready for her to come home.

And the calf is finally nursing on his own! YEAH!! What a relief! The 2 turkeys are doing well. I weaned 1 pen of bunnies-only a litter of 2. We have 2 more litters that were born a day apart-1 is almost ready to wean-3 of them, the other one had 10 ! She has 7 left and there is a huge difference in the sizes of the 2 different ones. But is just SO hot out there on them! We expected Momma Cow to have her calf overnight-but it hasn't arrived yet! hehe Jeff put a roll of hay out for them-maybe they'll give the grass a little chance to catch up with the rain. Have a great day!!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

The rain was a sweet treat wasn't it! Looks like a BIG chance of some more next week (yippee)!
Love the pics and hearing about the animals! Happy 4th!