Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend's Gone??

Grandkids in the Hot Tub-They LOVE it and can't wait to get in after they get home from school!!

How'd that happen SO fast? Anyway-we got LOTS done here! Jeff worked ALL day Saturday on the deck-and got it finished! It looks great! I worked on cleaning the house-not that you can tell it! We are fighting a battle with the sand-and I think it's winning! We went out and ate with our friends-Sheila & Alfred and then spent some time in the hot tub-what a wonderful visit with them-catching up and just relaxing!

Yesterday was spent with continued cleaning and with Randy moving back home with us. Try putting 2 households into 1 already full one-ain't fun! He has rented out his house and decided to move back in with us for awhile. He just has no need for a 4 bedroom-2 bath house all by himself. And it just takes some of the stress off. He still has a few things to move this afternoon and has to get his major appliances out.

And I did finally get my truck-I've just been so busy-I haven't taken any pics of it or the deck or anything else around here! I did get the blue one-it's really pretty! We also have gotten a little cool front through here!! It should be about 65 here in the morning-but still up to the 90's during the day-so we still have to run the a/c for awhile! I can't wait to turn it OFF & open up the windows!!

Have a great day!!!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

The tub looks great!!
Congrats on all the hard work and having a wonderful place to relax!

Sheila said...

Hey! There's no one in my corner!!! What's up with that! We had SUCH a good time with you guys Saturday night and appreciate it more than you know! Thanks for a GREAT evening!!! We love you!

YeagerFarm said...

Thanks, guys!! We really are enjoying the hot tub and had a great time on Saturday, too! The water was really warm on Monday evening-it was wonderful-migraine headache and all!! I think it would feel great now-it's 61 degrees out on the deck right now!!