Monday, August 3, 2009

Kinda Slow Weekend

Heh-that's the way it went. I was off on Friday-the last one-we go back to regular hours today! I just don't like 10 hour days. Anyway-I went into Conroe on Friday and got some shopping done-didn't make it everywhere I had planned-I just plain ran out of time! Then that evening while watching TV-Jeff decided to adjust the DTV-and somehow zapped the eye-we believe. Our setup is SO old-he tried to get it back in alignment-no luck. Jeff had to work on Saturday and was gonna try to fix it when he got in-but my Aunt Linda called and they wanted to go to the beach-so when Jeff got in from work-we went and picked them up in Tarkington and headed down there! I'm really glad we went-the grass wasn't looking so good. We gave it 2 good soakings-it doesn't looklike we'll be getting much rain-hopefully onee of those sea breeze showers will kick up!
We came on back home around noon and Jeff went to work on the satelite-still no luck. Randy called and has a new setup coming for us-so we've had no TV since Friday-but we really don't watch it much-it's just on for the noise and the news! We did finally watch a wonderful movie last night-Fireproof-it's a really good Christian film! We just never take the time to sit and watch movies.
We moved the cows back into the pasture here-since last weeks rains-the grass is growing nicely again! We will need to brush hog the front pasture-maybe this evening-it has lots of weeds poking up in it. I'm still working on getting the garden cleaned up-it's coming along slowly-I have 2 and a half beds cleaned out now-I really need to rake and shovel rabbit manure and top them off with it!
Have a great day!!!

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