Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phase 2-Complete!!

OK-Let's get this thing off the trailer now! (Didn't we just put it on there a few days ago?)
Easy does it-Is it really gonna fit in that space?

OK-Now it's in there-Now what??

I tried to post this yesterday morning-but my internet was giving me MAJOR fits-so let's try this again! We did pick up the hot tub on Thursday-met some really nice people! Jeff had to work on Saturday-a few hours turned into a 10 1/2 hr day! So Sunday he got to work on it! He decided to tear out part of the deck he had already built and redesigned it! Then he got Ricky, Randy, Jacob and Justin to help him get it in and leveled up. Thanks again, guys! Between Randy, Jeff and Tim-they got the pump to finally come on and it works great! I have to find a place that sells the filters-we only have 1 at the moment! We still have to find out what's wrong with the heater-hopefully it's something as simple as a corroted connection. We didn't get in it last night-way too much lightning going on! We did put the cover on it-even though it's in pretty bad shape-we are worried the little ones will try to get in it when no one is home. As soon as we finish the deck-we can put up the railing and be able to keep them off the deck.

I'll be waiting on a call about my truck today-can't wait to see if they can find me one! Have a great day!

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