Thursday, August 20, 2009

Phase 2-Work In Progress

Well-the deck is going up! Jeff has the frame up and the deck boards down as far as the door and water heater. The water heater will have to be drained, disconnected and raised up to the level of the deck-we're gonna just put it up there and build a little shed-with a vent on top-to close it in. And the best news of all-we found a Hot Tub! We will take a truck load of guys with us this evening and go into Houston to pick it up! It is 7'8" square and they said it took 6 guys to move it into the backyard. We really didn't want to put up many more of the deck boards until we got a hot tub so we'd know where to put all the extra bracing underneath where the tub will be. So here we go-another adventure!!

We have a busy day today! Alana will have to take me to work-her car engine overheaded-so now she's without a way to go. She needs to go get Jordan a haircut and buy groceries. She'll pick me back up @ 4:00-with Jordan, Hailey and Cayden-so we can go meet their teachers and drop off their school supplies. Boy-are their worlds gonna change in a few days!! Then we have to rush on back home so we can hook the trailer up and get into Cleveland to pick Ricky up from work and the dollies to move the hot tub and head on into Houston.

We've been getting rain showers-some heavy-almost everyday since the weekend-but it is still very dry. We are already feeding hay to the cows-but the grass seems to be turning green again with the rain. Jeff has to work again this Saturday-inventory-so we won't make the trip to the beach-maybe next weekend! Some of the hens seem to be coming out of their molt-so we should start getting a few more eggs. I haven't walked out to the hog pens in a few weeks-I'm sure the feeder pigs are really growing-the biggest ones' days are getting numbered-I'm sure! The first really cold front we get and Jeff will be ready to make sausage!
Have a great day!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Woohoo!! A hot tub for you!! :)
Send that rain a little west would ya?