Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family & Farm Update

Ok-Let's see-Jeff's dad is still in the hospital in Conroe-Hopefully he will get to come home today! We went to see him last night and he did seem better. He will be going home with a new nebulizer and the wheel chair has finally been delivered. They are also going to get some help at home for Henrietta with him. What a blessing!! And Bubba did NOT have a heart attack-they don't know what happened. Kelley was able to get him into a Doc in Conroe-Monday he had a stress test-it was OK-Yesterday he had the echo-don't know the results and today he will have the heart cath done. His blood pressure was lower yesterday-but still a little high with all the meds he's on.
We've been getting a little rain on & off! None yesterday,though. The hens have all but quit laying-might get an egg or two everyday. The calves are growing like weeds-They had me so tickled the other evening-they were playing-pushing on each other and running around with their tails up in the air! Just too much fun to watch! It's so hot-the rabbits are just miserable! Some days they hardly eat at all!
Still no luck on finding a hot tub-but I'm in no hurry-the right one will pop up! I just don't want to have to drive all the way to the other side of Houston into neighborhoods I know nothing about!
Have a great day!

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