Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Weekend!

The stringer of Gaff-Top all the guys caught-the boys caught some of them,too. And Jeff caught a nice shark-it was big enough to keep the kids out of the water for awhile!

We had a GREAT weekend at the beach! And I almost talked myself out of going! I was just so tired-I didn't even want to make the 2 hour drive. Jeff and I talked almost the whole way and the time flew by! And the beach was just beautiful-the water was calm and just so peaceful! We walked down and talked to Duane and Ann until dark-the builders put the walls and roof on their house this week-it looks SO good!

On Saturday-Tim and Candy and kids-including girlfriends and friends-came down-they put the awning up and we all but stayed down on the beach all day. The guys fished and the kids just hung out in the water.It was so warm-I went out a few times and Candy even went out once. Tom, Angie and Dusty came down, too. It was her first time to come down and they stayed til it was getting dark. Everyone else headed back into Winnie to the hotel rooms they had rented.Tim and crew came back yesterday morning-but nearly everyone was so sunburned-they really didn't want to spend anymore time in the sun! They went over to Galveston and spent a little time over on the Island before coming home.

When we got home-Jeff got to working a little on the deck-It is all level now and ready to start putting the joists in. We got the banana trees dug up and transplanted. Jeff had to start working 10 hour days today-possibly 12 hour shifts. He has to get up at 3:45 am to get ready for work-Yuck! And still no luck on finding a hot tub-but I'm not giving up! Have a great day!

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