Monday, August 10, 2009

Phase 1-Complete!

Shed still attached to the house

Almost in its new place! Can you find the nosey cow in the background?

Boy-it looks different now!!

With all the craziness this weekend-we did get something done! The shed is no longer attached to the house! It wasn't easy-and the propane line got broken-so we had just enough hot water to take our shower last night, So-Jeff will have to stop on his way home and get the stuff to repair it-I can't cook, either!

Jeff's Dad is back in the hospital-having trouble breathing again. Hopefully they will get to come home soon! They had to take my older brother to the ER on Friday-his blood pressure was off the charts-they thought he had a heart attack-but now are saying they don't know-He has to have a stress test today or tomorrow. Kaytlynn's party was Saturday night and Jeff took me to dinner afterwards in Livingston. We went to Conroe yesterday to see Jeff's dad and went by Lowe's and picked up the deck material-in the RAIN!!! We got some here-but it is so dry-it just soaked up! Then-Jeff got stuck in the SAND in the yard trying to back the truck and trailer up into the back yard.

Gotta get to work-I hear it's gonna be a crazy one around there this week!

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