Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hot Tub & New Truck!

It took me a week-but I finally took a pic of my new truck! And got a pretty bad one of the new deck-sorry-I'll try again later!

We're heading to the beach this weekend for the long holiday-but there is a pretty good chance of rain. I just would like to go and sleep for awhile! I'm just so tired!! Ready to relax for a few days! Jeff is taking tomorrow off, too and him & Tim are going fishing! Hope they catch some!

The cows have been drivivng us crazy this week! All they do is beller constantly-so that leads us to believe they have started coming back into heat again. And our livestock trailer is up in Coldspring at Mom's. We've got to remember to bring it back home with us and get them loaded up and back to Mom's and to the bull for next years calves!!!

Have a great Labor day Weekend!!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Have a great weekend Susie!
Your tub and your truck---both are beautiful! Is blue your fav color? :) Enjoy them both!