Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of School!!

Jordan, Hailey and Cayden-ready to get to school-back packs and all! Look at those smiles-can you tell they were excited??!!
Well-the first day is over! Hailey made it through her first day of 4th grade and James Street Elementary survived a full day of Jordan and Cayden! Actually they had a wonderful time on their first day of Kindergarten and they plan to return tomorrow! Jordan almost missed his bus-he said he was playing on the computer in another class. Cayden said she learned how to play with Playdough and how to sleep! I'll take all 3 to school starting tomorrow-I just hope they decide to get out of the truck when we get there!

I'm trying to get a new truck, too. The dealership is looking for a blue one-but with the Cash for Clunkers program-stocks are very low. They even starting looking for a red one today. The nearest blue one is in Temple. They seem to think they can get one in for me tomorrow-sure hope they can find a blue one-they sure are pretty-Oh-it's a Dodge Ram quad cab.

We did get the hot tub last week and Jeff and the guys got it in its' place in the deck yesterday! The kids are having a ball-they played in it before they got the pump going! The heater isn't working-Jeff wants to run some tests on it-but it feels good-even being cool at the moment. We all got in last night-Randy stayed in it for hours-he even drained the water heater for the house into it!! We still have alot of work to do on the deck-I'll try to post some pics of the hot tub going in tomorrow morning-I tried this morning-but my internet was acting crazy!
Have a great evening!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Yeah! The first day of school is so fun! Beautiful smiles!