Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kaytlynn (& me)!!-Yesterday!

What a busy-crazy week! It went by So fast-I didn't even realize I hadn't posted anything this week-although nothing much is going on-Does that make any sense?? After working for hours on Monday-Jeff, Randy and Tim FINALLY got the satelitte back up and running-it was the coax under the house the whole time!
We have decided that instead of taking a weekend trip for our anniversary-and spending way too much money on a hotel, etc. ,that we would spend the money on something we could enjoy anytime we wanted. We are going to put in a hot tub at the back of our house.We have an old shed built on to our house that we have used for a utility room for years-thanks Alfred for helping us build it all those years ago!! It only has the freezer, meat grinder and LOTS of junk in it now. So the freezer will be moved back into the house in the new utility room and the shed will be taken off and moved against the back fence in the yard and set up for Jeff to do his butchering in! YEAH! Everything will be in one place!
Next, we will extend the back porch with a deck that runs the length of the house. We have a bedroom window that opens onto that new deck and we have a brand new exterior door in the barn that we bought for the beach house last year-2 weeks before the storm. So that door will be put in so we can walk right out of the bedroom and in to the new hot tub! Sounds like a plan, huh!
I have a few leads on hot tubs-just waiting to hear back from the owners. Jeff had to work again today and Randy is supposed to come haul off Alana's old van from the shop. Kaytlynn's birthday party is tonight at her other MeMe's-she has a big pool-so the pool party is ON!! We have a chance of rain this evening-we really need it-but I don't want it to rain on her party!
I'll take pictures as the work on the house begins-I know it's gonna look SO different when that shed come off! It blocks my view from the kitchen window to the left side of the yard and we put the garden window above the sink after the shed was put up-so it'll open up my world view from the kitchen!
Have a great weekend!!!


Sheila said...

We'll be right over!

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Yes, yes, yes! Get the hot tub! I can't recommend it highly enough--my goodness what a way to end the day! You will love it! As someone once told me, every farm girl (and guy) needs one! Ours is on the back porch too, holler if you want pics for ideas. Have a great week and a happy birthday!

YeagerFarm said...

Thanks!! We just got back from Conroe and picked up the deck material. Still looking for the hot tub! I just can't seem to get anyone to respond to their Craig's List ads! But I'm still trying!!