Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Pics #3

The new outside shower at the beach! We still need to get a curtain for the opening and I need to finish decorating it! Cold water only this time!
5 of the 6 Gaff top that were caught on Saturday-Gotta get that clothes line painted!

Jason & LeAnn-I do believe she out fished him!!

I think this will be the last of the pics that I'll post from last week. We had such a great week! Anyway-when I got home from work yesterday, Jeff had butchered 3 rabbits. I was wondering what I was gonna fix for supper-but mystery solved when there is fresh meat in the kitchen sink! I lightly browned one, then smothered it in gravy to finish cooking-good eatin'! One went in the freezer-it was kinda big- so I'll have to slow cook it and Jeff's Mom wanted one-so we later took it up to them. The hens have all but quit laying-it's just so hot and dry! We checked out the fence across the road yesterday and will move the cows up there this afternoon. Rainbow somehow got out last time-but we couldn't find anyplace that the fence was down. There is a little grass up there and a roll of hay that they didn't touch last time they were in that pasture. The grandkids helped us clean up the garden a little-they love throwing the old cucumbers over the fence to the chickens and cows-Jordan can throw a pretty good way, so he had the cows really searching for them! I got all the grass out of one of the beds and started on another-I may have to get the lawn mower and weedeater in there to get it back under control!

Well-I need to go get ready for work-Have a great day!

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