Thursday, July 9, 2009


Momma Cow-still no calf!!

Yesterday was Jeff's Dad, Curtis', 79th birthday! I wasn't feeling well when I got in from work-so I didn't go up and see him-Jeff stopped in on his way home-like he does everyday-and spent some extra time with him!

Momma cow still hasn't had her calf. This picture of her was taken on Sunday and by Tuesday her udder seems about to burst! Just makes my hands hurt looking at her(having to milk by hand!). The bull calf is doing great-he is keeping Rainbow nursed down! We had to take the hen and bitties out of the chicken pen and put them in a cage. I went out to check on them and a couple of the hens were eating a bitty!!! I had to leave for work-so I just said a quick prayer that they'd still be some when I got home! Only 2 were missing-so we are down to 5. The sow came back in heat-so they are in together again since Monday. I wonder if the temps have anything to do with it? I know it affects the rabbits-I haven't bred any of them for months now. And we are only getting about 3 eggs a day right now!

Planning on leaving tomorrow afternoon for the beach! Tim & Candy are going in the morning and we'll leave when Jeff gets home from work. Momma cow will have her calf this weekend while we're gone-just wait and see!

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