Monday, July 13, 2009

Productive & Fun Weekend!

Jeff & Tim finishing up on the door of the new shed. We'll put the siding up next weekend.
They took a break on Saturday for awhile and we all went down to the beach. They seined for some bait-didn't catch much-but did catch a big crab. No fish and it was really hot-we went back top the camper and took a nap.

We had a really work/relaxing weekend! Tim & Candy made it to the beach before us on Friday-and after some looking around-came up with a MUCH better setup for us-THANKS!!! The way we had the trailer parked on the lot-we were NOT getting any of our wonderful sea breeze. So--they hooked up to it and Candy & me took everything down and then Jeff got it backed between some of the remaining pilings-almost TOO nerve wracking to watch! There is about a foot on 1 side and 6 inches on the other-but we have our wonderful breeze back-and with this heat-believe me-you want it!

Then on Saturday morning-they got busy on the shed-revised again! We decided to go with only half the size of the original plan. After putting the trailer in facing the road-it left the backside-where the shed was going-completely on the slab. So-with the shed cut down to half size-it gives us a patio area behind the camper! It is in the morning sun-but will be shaded in the late afternoon. The front side will once again have a porch swing-Jeff bought me a new one last week-but didn't tell me. He didn't bring it with us 'cause he knew there wasn't a place to hang it yet! The gazebo is still helping to shade the front of the camper and serves it's purpose wonderfully well to have someplace to get out of the unrelenting HOT sun!

The calves are doing great! I didn't get out in the pasture with them yesterday-but they seem to be getting to know each other-can't wait until they start running throught the pasture together playing-so much fun to watch! The garden is gone-When it cools off a little-I plan to get out there and plant a little more-get some tomatoes in where they will end up being covered by the greenhouse come winter time.

Have a great week! And stay cool!

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