Friday, July 10, 2009

Another New Calf!!

Momma Cow finally had her calf-a HEIFER!! She was born around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. She is close to the most active one we have ever had-only 4 hours old and she was running and bucking in the pasture-SO cute to watch!

The hen and her chicks are doing well-I just wish we could put her back on the ground so they could scratch around, but I can't take the chance of something eating them! The 2 turkeys are growing-but they are just SO skitish-I'm scared they are gonna have a stroke when someone walks by their cage.

We are heading down to the beach some time today-don't know how long Jeff will have to work. I have to go into Cleveland and pick up a few groceries and buy birthday presents. This is our busy month for family birthdays-8th-Curtis; 10th-Hailey S.?; 13th-Kip; 15th-Bubba; 16th-Brandy; 17th-Jeff; 20th-Cayden; 24th-Randy;31st-Jamie & Kelley-Then a week later on Aug. 7th-Kaytlynn & me-I don't think I left anyone out! Anyway-this is the only day I have to pick out gifts-So I have to get it all done this morning! We leave for vacation next Friday-It's the week that the whole school district is closed down for the summer, so we'll head on down to the beach. Don't know if we'll stay the whole week or not-just depends on what's going on here and the weather. It is still just SOOOO hot here! 100 degrees plus EVERY day and little or no rain in sight. Our pasture was starting to look a little better after the rain the other day-but it's getting crunchy again.
Have a great weekend!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

beautiful calf!! congrats!!
have fun at the beach!!
crunchy and dry here too, i keep wishing for a vacation in the snow!