Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeff!!

Jeff doing one of his favorite things-tending to his cows!

Today is Jeff's 49th birthday!!! My vacation starts today and Jeff's tomorrow! We'll be leaving in the morning for the beach. The grandkids have been in VBS all week and the end party is tonight-so we'll go and see their plays and songs.

It RAINED yesterday! It started to sprinkle when I got in from work and rained steady for nearly an hour! We got almost 1/2 inch and the weather radar is showing more getting close this morning! I told Jeff that it looks like we might have a wet vacation-but we need the rain SO bad-it's OK. If it starts to rain too much at the beach-we can always come home. We have LOTS to do around here, too!

The calves are doing great. The little heifer was really feeling good this morning-running all through the pasture-tail straight up in the air! The turkeys are growing-but are still very scared of every movement. One of them is quite a bit bigger than the other-maybe we will end up with a pair! Alana and family will feed for us while we are gone and are in daily contact with us. hehe You would have to know Alana to understand that comment!

Well-it is getting a little dark and windy here now and of course-I have to go into Porter to look for some bamboo fencing we are wanting for the beach. Sure don't want to complain about the rain! Have a great week!

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