Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Vacation!

Jeff & Tim putting down the pallet of grass we bought-you couldn't believe how much a little bit of green in the yard makes the place look SO much better! We had such a pretty yard before the storm!
The flounder I caught and the 3 croakers we caught early in the week! I was SO excited-I haven't caught a flounder in a long time!

Jeff coming out of the new shed-we still had LOTS of stuff piled around-it looks much better now-still have to finish that painting, though!

We had SUCH a great week!! We did have lots of rain-about 5 inches on Saturday evening after we got settled in-then nearly that much again on Thursday evening with scattered rain showers through the week, but we really didn't let it stop us much! We got the shed finished-minus the paint due to the rain-and still need something permanent for the roof. It does have a least 2 coats of white-but needs a few more. We did get some fishing in-better at some times than others! We rode the ferry on Tuesday and went into Galveston for awhile. Tim & Candy came down on Wednesday-David's girlfriend had to be back home in the Woodlands by 4:00 on Thursday for work-so they took the kids home and then drove back-Bless their hearts-that's way too many miles for me! Then early on Friday morning-Jason & LeeAnn came down with their boat and the fishing really got serious! They had a hard time finding bait on Friday-so Saturday they got after it and caught 3 BIG speckled trout! Tim and me went with them that evening and Tim caught a big one too. They started catching really big gafftop, too. I caught a hardhead. We were fishing several of the reefs in the bay and had a wonderful time!

All the animals here seemed to have grown a foot while we were gone! Jeff will definitely have to butcher rabbits this week! The turkeys surely are a pair-one is now alot bigger than the other. We took the hen away from the bitties-they are completely feathered out now. The calves are growing very nicely! Alana and Ricky did a good job of taking care of everything! Thanks!!

Boy, is it hard to get ready to go back to work this morning! But we were both ready to get back to it this morning. Jeff had stumped his toe on a brick yesterday and scraped it pretty bad. I knew it wasn't gonna feel too good in his steel-toe work boots this morning. When he left for work he said it wasn't just the boots-he'd only worn flip-flops all week!-but that his work clothes hurt him everywhere they touched him!!

Since my internet is SO slow-it'll take a few days to post my pics-so stay tuned for more fish pictures-some are really great!! Have a great day-gotta go get ready for work!

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