Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hay Bales in the Field!!

Hay Baler at Work!!

3 bitties-1 is hiding-and their mom's!

Happy 4th to Everyone!!!

Ok-First things first-again! We haven't been home since Thursday-Mom did not get to come home-the Docs thought she was bleeding internally-thank God she wasn't-but she did have to have 2 units of blood on Thursday. She wasn't feeling well and her old friend Divaticulitus-I know I didn't spell it right-flaired up again-causing her a great deal of pain! But they have been treating her for it and Shorty has gone to the hospital to bring her home. So we decided to run home-Oh-we've been staying up there with Shorty since Thursday-and check on things here. And we found that the hens have hatched 3 bitties! They are SO cute popping out from underneath their moms! They are due to hatch on Monday and there are still quite a few eggs under them! Momma cow still hasn't had her calf yet-but the little bull calf-he still doesn't have a name-poor thing-is doing wonderful.

Jeff hauled hay almost ALL day yesterday-luckily the field is only about a mile or so from Mom's. It hasn't been cut in a few years and ended up with a total of 70 rolls of hay. Jeff brought 32 bales to Mom's and 2 to a friend of their's. They put 1 out to Shorty's cows and they had eaten over half of it by the next morning! It hasn't rained at their place in way over a month-it is SO dry up there!

We'll be heading back up to Coldspring shortly-we are planning to BBQ at Mom's this evening and Jeff has made up a batch of homemade yeast rolls for her-her favorite! Just gonna keep it real low key and see how things go from there. We have spent the last several years-at least 10 or more-at the beach for the 4th of July-so this will be quite a change for us. But it is OK-everybody is doing well!! Be safe and have a fun evening!!

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