Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend's Over!

Well-it turned out to be an OK one-at least Mom is finally home! She got home on Saturday evening and is doing well. She did have some kind of spell last evening-but I think it is all the Meds-she's gonna check with her Primary Doc this morning and make sure she's not over-doing it with some of them!
We moved the cows across the road yesterday into the other pasture. There is some grass there and Jeff put the last of the old hay rolls in that pasture. He said they didn't even look at it-they were enjoying the grass. We had sat in the yard and watched them eat beside the garden again for awhile before walking them over. The calf was SO cute! He layed down and started chewing on the water hose like he was trying to nurse from it! And , of course, he quit doing it by the time I got back out there with my camera!
We have 7 bitties at last count. The hens came out of the nest when Jeff fed and 2 bitties followed. Jeff said there was such a fight and a few more eggs were pipping-that he caught them and put them back in the nest. Something will have to be done with them this afternoon. One of the turkeys managed to get out of the cage while we where out there and the rooster almost killed him before Jeff got in there to catch him-so that must be what happened to the missing one.
And it rained twice last night before we went to bed! The first was just a slight sprinkle but the second was a pretty good shower! We have a 30% chance today and 40% tomorrow!! Bring it on! And our Temps are finally dropping-Only mid 90's this week instead of 104 degrees! Looking foward to a weekend at the beach!! Have a great day!!

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