Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cameras, Cows & Casinos!

Jeff-checking out the camera-Hey-do you think it's working now??
Some of the cows-why won't they stay out of the hay??

Here's the picture from Friday-don't know what was up with the site that day!!

We had just a really great day yesterday!! We drove our friends Sheila & Alfred to Sulpher. LA to pick up their truck-it had to be put in the shop while their son had it over there for work. Once we picked it up we drove the next few miles to Isle of Capri-figured we just spend a few dollars and play the slots for a minute before coming back home. Jeff & I haven't been in quite a while-we never win anything anyway! We walked around for awhile-they'd already lost the money they's brought-when we sat down to play. I put a $20 in and played $7 of it and won $480!! I was so shocked-I NEVER win anything. That was enough for me-I cashed out and was ready to go home!

We stopped in Beaumont on the way home and I got Jeff a game camera for our anniversary. He's been wanting one for awhile-His brother has been seeing some deer signs at the back of our pasture-so we hope to get some pictures of something besides us! Jeff got me a beautiful anniversary ring. We also bought ourselves 2 new fishing rods.

Mom is still in the hospital-so we'll head to Conroe in a little while to check on her. They are worried about her knees now where she fell last Sunday-I just don't know!

We've had quite a bit of rain-the sun is coming out a little now-we've got alot of outside work -including work in the garden-that really needs to get done! The yard needs to be mowed and the pastures, too. Oh, well-there's always something to do!

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