Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom & Curtis

Here we go again! Mom is once again in the hospital! She called us at 3:30 am yesterday morning-she was sick with a spell with her stomach. By 8:00 she was still feeling bad-but shortly after-she begin bleeding again. So I had to leave work around 11:00 and take her into the ER in Conroe. We finally got into a room at 2:00 and they began running tests. It was just as we suspected-her Diviticulitus had flared up again-although not as bad as back in July! By 6:30pm they had decided she could go home-of course Jeff and Shorty were aready on their way up there! But then the PA came back in and said the Dr. said no-she'd have to stay over night due to blood in her stool. They were still trying to get her in a room when we left to come home. Hopefully she had a good night and will come home this morning!
And Curtis fell again yesterdayand bumped his head and hit his ribs pretty hard. I haven't seen him-but Jeff said his Dad is bruised up again! He is having such a hard time, too!
Just keep us in your prayers-as we will you-We are all facing difficulties right now!
Have a great day!

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