Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is Gone??

What happened to this month? Was I so busy-probably doing nothing-that it just quietly slipped by? WOW!
We stayed home last weekend-other than a trip into Conroe Saturday morning for fencing supplies-I never have been able to figure out Tractor Supply knows just how much money I have to spend? Anyway-the cows are pushing part of the newer-of course, fence down-We have to get the bull here! and the chicken pen had huge holes in it! So Sunday-they got a new pen-We enclosed the rabbit shed and gave them the old garden area. We haven't been getting but maybe 1 egg a day and go figure-we got 4 Monday and 3 yesterday! Do you think they like their new home? Jeff butchered 3 rabbits yesterday-7 more to go and I bred 1 doe on Monday.
And our weather is just wonderful!!! We've had rain and cooler temps! The first strong front came through yesterday and it is 58 degrees this morning on the back porch! It will warm back up to the low 90's tomorrow-before te next front comes through Thursday night and cools us back down for the weekend!
Work is going great-Jeff is hearing rumors of a lay-off again and cutting back to 32 hours a week-we'll just roll with the punches-it'll all work out!! Have a great day! :)

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