Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ready for the Weekend!

This is gonna be a LONG day! We are SO ready to get to the beach this afternoon! Both of us are just totally worn out from running! I even went in and laid down for about 20 minutes when I got in from work yesterday. Then after we ate supper-Jeff fixed some left-over brisket and made potato salad-we went out and reset the camera-Jordan and Kaytlynn got in the hot tub and it started raining again! It's become a daily event-but I'm not complaining!
Mom is STILL in the hospital-they now say she has gout-so I don't know if she'll go to re-hab or not.. She does NOT want us to change our plans this weekend-so we'll go on tonight -spend tomorrow on the Strand in Galveston-but we might just come back home on Saturday-depending on what's going on. Shorty now has to have cateract surgery-probally down at the VA in Houston.
Jeff has decided the sow is definately bred. I'll have to look back and see around what time she'll be due. He went to the back Doc yesterday and got the normal run-around and a new script for pain meds. He called the Work Comp manager and let her know what was going on and she assured him that his Dr. is one of the best-but he was way past his review time-which we already knew-it's normally in January! So I'm sure we'll be getting a letter in the mail shortly saying that he'll have to report downtown Houston for his review. Just another day!
Guess I'll go-still have a few things to pack and gotta get ready for work! Have a great weekend-we'll sure try to! :)

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