Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

The flounder & the golden croakers we caught!
Me & the red fish that I caught! The tall palm tree on the right we bought as an anniversary gift to ourselves-it'll replace the big one we lost after Ike!

We had a great time this weekend! The only drawback from the whole 3 days were the MOSQUITOS!! OMG-They were awful! At times you couldn't even breathe without them getting in your nose! And at dark-OFF! was no deterant at all! I believe it was actually an attractant! Anyway-we spent Friday over in Galveston-walked the Strand and drove down to west beach where my grandparent's house was. We ate at Guido's-then rode the ferry back to Bolivar. It was already dark when we got back-we were planning to walk on the beach-but did I mention mosquitos?

Saturday we fished at the beach in the morning-the water was clear as a bell all the way up to your waist and slick as glass! It was beautiful! And I caught my first shark! It wasn't quite big enough to keep-I think Jeff caught 2. Later in the afternoon we went down to the end of our street and fished in the Intercoastal canel. I caught a big red fish! Then Jeff caught a flounder! And between the 2 of us, we caught 8 golden croakers-all in less than an hour and a half! What fun! Then we went down and set on the beach with Anne and Duane until the mosquitos got so bad we couldn't stand it!

Sunday morning, Jeff caught a shark big enough to keep-so we brought it home with the other fish and grilled it last night-yummy! He gave the flounder to his Mom-she loves it baked. And my Mom is STILL in the hospital-she now has gout in her feet-and the foot Doc just won't release her to go home! Hopefully today-he never came in the whole weekend! She is not going to rehab either.

Our first cool front is making its way towards us-it will be a rainy week for us. I'm looking forward to the cooler temps-I just don't want any rain with it-I'd like to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. The hot tub felt really good last night-can only imagine what it will feel like when it does get cooler outside!

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