Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Labor Day Weekend!!!

Jordan and the stringer of catfish he helped catch!
Me & Jeff on the jet ski's for the first time in our lives!! Thanks Duane for the help!

We had the BEST time this weekend! And it only rained once-about 4:00am on Saturday morning-and the sun came up at 7:00 just like normal! We only fished one time-didn't catch anything. We just spent the weekend hanging out with old friends and taking naps in the afternoon!! Tim's house is up now and it looks great! He's painting it a really pretty blue. Ann & Duane were down the whole time and we spent most evenings down on the beach with them. Their daughter and her husband brought down their jet ski's and we got to ride on them-a first for us! Thanks Christi and Brandon!! We had a ball! And thanks Ann for the pics!! When we got back home, we decided to take the boat to the lake-we hadn't run it in over a year! Jordan went with us. We decided to do a little fishing-and that little stinker caught 2 catfish before Jeff got his hook in the water! He caught a total of 3 and Jeff caught 2-So we had fresh catfish for supper last night! Yummy!!

We have 50% chances of rain daily now through next Monday-we need it-but this morning the weather guy is saying we have to watch for an area down the coast to develop-this is the 7 day window when we have had a hurricane the last 3 years in a row!! We DON'T need that again!!

Have a great day!!

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