Monday, January 5, 2009


Randy and Ricky digging the last bit of the drench for the waterline. Jeff was gone to the ER with his Dad-so Ricky got all the line dug to the barn and almost to the front pasture-then him and Randy finished it up. Boy was Jeff grateful to the two of them!! You can see a small part of the new fence in the background.
This is the pond(lake!) that Curtis, Jr dug this week! That is Jordan standing near the bottom-there is a small deeper hole that he's next to. A small area above where Jordan is standing is now seeping water-so he might have hit an underground spring!

Well-we stayed REALLY busy this last week. On Monday, we took a trip down to the beach just to check on things. It had been raining alot down there and all of our lots were standing in water. All the drainage ditches are full of sand and there's no where for the water to run off. Hailey went with us and she took the devestation well. We were worried about her-she's been with us every step of the way with the house-even at closing. We did find a few more of our things-Jeff even found one of my lamps that I really was hoping to find! Tuesday we got to working on the little pasture up front so we could let the calves out of the barn and back on grass-not that there's much of it this time of year. We finished it on Thursday and boy they were happy to be able to run around again. Friday was spent up at Mom and Shorty's doing odd jobs and cleaning up some around their house. Saturday Jeff started running new water line from our meter to the house and barn. The old black pipe was starting to get lots of leaks so it was time. Sunday morning Jeff had to take his Dad to the ER-he was having trouble breathing again. They admitted him-he should come home today sometime. And Jeff had to go back to work this morning. All in all, we've had a nice Christmas and New Year's and vacation all rolled into one-even if it goes by faster each year!!!

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