Friday, January 23, 2009

Mady's Two!!!

Sorry-I had a third pic to publish-but for some reason it doubled up on this one and I couldn't get rid of it!!

I really don't know where the last 2 years went-but our baby granddaughter turned 2 years old today. Madysen is still SO tiny and petite and getting a head full of curly hair-just like her Mom had at that age. She loves feeding the rabbits in the evening and if you ask her about the chickens-she'll tell you real fast-"they bite!!" She seems to like sticking her fingers in the pen-then crying when they peck her! Still no pigs!!

Almost all of the tomato seeds I planted came up-earlier than I expected and they got a little tall and leggy before I even got the cover off them. I put them out in the greenhouse this evening-hopefully they'll get enough sun to straighten them out.

My first week at work went very good. I am learning so much already. Our district has a virus in the computers-so it's been a VERY hectic week in the department. I was able to help out a little bit and have learned things I didn't know about computers. Next week I get to do major surgery on one of the laptops(get to change out the hard drive!) I've always liked to take things apart-just not always too good at putting them back together!!! I did warn the boss!! Spare parts could appear! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sheila said...

She's such a cutie pie! Happy Birthday Mady! And congrats on your first week of work! I knew you'd soak it up like a sponge!
Love you guys!